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The best Dental office I have ever been to. I've been going to Dr. Read for many years now and he is always very professional and gives an honest answer for everything. The thing I liked the most is that they are very experienced and the work is exceptional. I have TMJ and other problems so their patience in working with me is very important. I would highly recommend Dr. Read and his staff.

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Dental emergency tips

Tooth Ache, Dental Accidents

When dental accidents occur, they should not be ignored. However, knowing what to do when a dental emergency occurs is one of the best ways to ensure a more positive outcome of the situation. Getting assistance from a dental professional is incredibly important, and the sooner the better. This can make all the difference in losing or saving a natural tooth. For patients in and around the Houston area, Parker-Read Dental can provide same-day appointments for patients with dental emergencies that arise unexpectedly. We provide care and attention for everything from a simple toothache to a tooth that has been knocked out. We encourage patients, new and existing, to contact our practice for an emergency appointment when necessary, especially since the first 30 minutes after the emergency is crucial to the future of the smile.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, here are some tips and tricks you should follow until you are able to get into the office of Parker-Read Dental:

Knocked out tooth

Contact your dentist immediately! In the meantime, locate the tooth and hold it by the crown, not the roots. Rinse with water if dirty but do not remove any fragments of tissue that may still be on the surface. Avoid scrubbing it. If possible, insert it into the socket and hold it there, or keep it in a glass of milk until you get to the dental office. If milk is not available, an alternative such as saline solution for contact lenses will keep the tooth hydrated.

Chipped or broken tooth

Contact the dentist and rinse the mouth with warm water. Pain medication such as ibuprofen (not aspirin) can be taken for any discomfort, and cold compresses on the mouth can help with swelling.

Broken jaw

Use a cold compress and get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Object between teeth

Attempt to dislodge the object with an interdental brush or floss. If unable to remove it, contact the dentist for an appointment.

Injury to soft tissues (gums, cheeks, lips)

Rinse the area with salt water and apply soft gauze with pressure for up to 20 minutes. Cold compresses can be used as well. If bleeding persists, visit the emergency room or the dentist as soon as possible.

Dislodged tooth

If a tooth is partially dislodged, push it back into position and then bite down to hold in place, if possible, and contact the dentist.
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Rating : 5 Emergency Dentist Houston TX - 5 Star Rating Review

"I've been going to Parker-Read Dental office now for years and when I found this review site I just had to get this information out there. Their years of experience, education and love of dentistry coupled with true commitment to excellence has created one of the best dental practices in Houston .From the awesome staff and management down to the dental labs you can be assured of first class dentistry and personal treatment.

Every "perc" the modern dental office has to offer. You won't be disappointed."