4 Ways to Deal With Tooth Decay

4 Ways to Deal With Tooth Decay

More than 92 percent of people will have at least one cavity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of course, you should still do all you can to prevent or at least postpone getting a cavity by brushing, flossing, and getting regular professional cleanings at our Houston, TX dental office.

When you are aware that you have tooth decay, however, you can treat it with restorative dentistry. By acting sooner, your treatment is easier, more effective, and less expensive, too. Here are some ways you could do something about your decayed tooth, depending on how quickly you act.

1. Get a Filling

If you notice that you have a cavity, your first choice should be getting a dental filling. Modern fillings restore your tooth and reduce your risk of further decay by filling the hole. Our fillings also are made with a composite resin that looks like a natural part of your tooth, unlike metal fillings.

2. Get a Crown

If you wait too long to act or you don’t notice your cavity until it’s too large for a filling, then a dental crown is your next best option. To get a crown, we reshape your tooth into an abutment. This leaves behind healthy parts of your tooth, which provide support for and are capped by your crown.

3. Get a Root Canal

If your cavity goes untreated, harmful bacteria can eat through the layers of your tooth to reach the pulp chamber. That can lead to tooth infections, which can be painful and put your tooth at risk. A root canal ends or prevents your toothache. It also saves your tooth, so it can continue to function well for you for many years to come.

4. Get a New Tooth

If the damage is too great, even a root canal won’t be enough to keep your tooth. In that instance, you need to extract the tooth and replace it. The best replacement option is a dental implant with a dental crown, since this restore the root of your tooth and preserves your complete smile. Another option could be a dental bridge, which is affixed to nearby teeth and fills the gap in your smile on the surface.

By acting now to do something about your tooth decay, you can save yourself from unneeded pain and expense. Call your new dentist in Houston, TX at Parker Nickolas Read Dental today at [phone] or [contact_us loc="1" text="online"].