Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Skipping dental visits due to dental anxiety can have serious consequences for oral health. Don’t let fear hold you back from getting the care you need! Parker Nickolas Read Dental offers sedation options to relieve dental anxiety so you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free dental experience.


Inhaled Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

Who Benefits From Inhaled Sedation?

Inhaled sedation, known as "laughing gas," suits patients of all ages with dental anxiety or fear. It's also helpful for those with a strong gag reflex or restlessness during treatments.

Advantages of Using Inhaled Sedation

  • Fast onset and offset: Nitrous oxide takes effect quickly and wears off fast, letting you resume daily activities without lingering drowsiness.

  • Anxiety reduction: This type of sedation makes dental procedures more manageable for anxious patients by inducing calm and relaxation.
  • Adjustable dosage: Our skilled team fine-tunes sedation levels to meet your needs, ensuring comfort.

Conscious Sedation

Who May Need Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation suits patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, extensive dental work, or those desiring deeper relaxation during treatment.

Conscious Sedation Benefits

  • Deep relaxation: Inducing profound relaxation helps patients stay calm during lengthy or complex dental procedures.

  • Time efficiency: More dental work can often be done in one visit, reducing the number of appointments.
  • Anxiety relief: Conscious sedation reduces dental-related anxiety, making future visits manageable.

Explore Sedation Options for Relieving Dental Anxiety in Houston, TX!

At Parker Nickolas Read Dental, your comfort and well-being are top priorities. If dental anxiety hinders essential dental care, explore our sedation options. Our friendly team ensures a pleasant dental experience so you can maintain excellent oral health without fear or apprehension. Contact us today to make an appointment.