Follow These Steps to End Your Toothache

Follow These Steps to End Your Toothache

No one wants a toothache, but they affect millions of people every year. You or someone you love could develop a toothache. When that happens, you just want to end the pain.

Our team in Houston, TX can help you feel better. Just follow these steps to get your oral health back on track.

1. Make an Appointment ASAP

Your teeth should not be a source of pain. If they are, then you should call [phone] right away to make an appointment as soon as you are able.

2. Settle Into a Chair

That said, you also have to keep your appointment. If you have any anxiety about dental care, please ask about sedation dentistry to make your visit easier.

3. Remove the Problem

In some cases, your pain may just be a cavity. In other cases, you could have a tooth infection. Depending on your situation, we will remove the decay or perform a root canal to remove the infected tissue from your tooth.

4. Repair Your Tooth

For a cavity, we can give you a composite filling. To complete your root canal, we will fill the tooth with a special material. Then, we cap your tooth with a dental crown.

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