Get Mini Dental Implants to Enjoy Big Smiles

Get Mini Dental Implants to Enjoy Big Smiles

Dental implants make teeth replacements better than ever. Unfortunately, not everyone who has lost teeth can get standard implants. You do have an alternative right here in Houston, TX.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider mini dental implants.

They Do What Regular Implants Do

Mini implants can be used to replace single teeth or to secure a set of dentures. If you are lacking enough bone to support standard implants, mini implants can give you the same benefits.

They Can Save You Money

If bone loss leaves you unable to get standard implants, you may need a bone graft before you can get your implant-supported bridge or dentures. Because mini implants are smaller, they can be used even when you have lost some bone tissue in your jaw.

They Can Save You Time

Because they are smaller, you can often recover faster after getting mini implants. That means you can restore your smile sooner, too.

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