Invisalign®: All the Benefits You Will Love About It

Invisalign®: All the Benefits You Will Love About It

In recent years, there have been many improvements and technical advances in orthodontic treatments, but perhaps the most outstanding has been the invisible orthodontics of Invisalign® in Houston. Millions of people around the world have already chosen this innovative treatment to correct their malocclusion problems and here we tell you why.

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1. It Doesn’t Affect Your Speech 

Invisible aligners replicate the morphology of the teeth, adapting and adjusting to them perfectly. This helps ensure that, even though you are wearing braces, there are no alterations in the placement of the lips and tongue and, therefore, there are no diction problems. 

This aspect is very beneficial for people who work in front of the public. In this type of work, communication with the client or patient is fundamental and it’s positive to have orthodontic treatment that does not hinder this quality. 

2. No Food Restrictions 

Snacks, fruit, sausages... Whatever your favorite food is, you don't have to stop enjoying it if you wear invisible aligners. However, removing them before eating any food is important so that they are not damaged or soiled. 

Treatment with braces restricts the patient's diet to a certain extent. Therefore, this option can be very beneficial for people with allergies or food restrictions, allowing them to continue with their usual diet during treatment. 

3. Predictable Treatment 

Thanks to the technology used by Invisalign®, we can know how the result will be at the end of the treatment through a virtual representation of the movement of the teeth. In addition, thanks to this predictability, doctors can administer different splints to patients so that they can change them themselves, thus facilitating continuity in those patients who have little time to go to the office. 

4. Hassle-Free Hygiene 

Braces make the action of the toothbrush more difficult and plaque accumulation is easier. As a result, caries can form and gums can become inflamed. With Invisalign®, brushing your teeth is no problem. By removing the aligners without any problem, you can get rid of plaque effectively and without obstacles, thus showing off your teeth and gums healthy and strong. 

5. It’s Painless 

Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® report less pain and discomfort than those wearing braces. The forces exerted by Invisalign® aligners are very gentle and reduce the typical initial pain caused by the forces generated by braces. In addition, as the aligners adapt perfectly to the teeth, they don’t produce sores on the cheeks and lips at any time during your treatment.  

6. Aesthetics 

This is one of the main reasons why most people opt for clear aligner orthodontics over any other orthodontic method. Invisalign is “invisible” since they are transparent aligners that you discreetly wear in your mouth. People will typically not even realize you are wearing them.

man with Invisalign in houston

Looking for Invisalign® in Houston? We Can Help You! 

Ready to transform your smile? If you are thinking of undergoing Invisalign® orthodontic treatment, we at Parker Nickolas Read Dental have the best professionals to help you achieve the results you want. We will also walk you through the whole process after your first consultation, so you are completely aware of the job that needs to be done. Give us a call and we will explain how the procedure will work. Don't miss out on the advantages of this treatment!