Teeth Whitening at Home or At the Clinic: Which One to Choose?

Teeth Whitening at Home or At the Clinic: Which One to Choose?

Although yellow or stained teeth aren’t serious symptoms, they are an aesthetic and social problem since the first thing most people notice are your teeth. Fortunately, teeth whitening in Houston is a great treatment that can give you back your confidence to smile, with the advantage of choosing the best way of getting it done, at home or at the clinic. Let's see which one suits you better.

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Teeth Whitening at the Clinic 

What Is the Process Like? 

It’s a treatment that doesn’t exceed an hour using a whitening agent with a concentration that is higher than the concentration of outpatient whitening, accompanied by the use of an LED lamp or cold light that accelerates the activation of the agent. The activating gel of choice is important since only those that are really professional manage to remove the stains and whiten the teeth in depth. 

Before performing the treatment it’s necessary for you to have adequate hygiene, as well as the non-existence of dental tartar. If this isn’t the case, you will receive guidance from our professionals and dental cleaning will be performed beforehand. 

Advantages of In-Clinic Dental Whitening: 

  • Fewer sessions that don’t last more than one hour. 
  • It’s suitable for vital teeth or with previous endodontic dental treatment. 
  • It doesn’t require the active participation of the patient during the treatment. 

At-Home Whitening 

With regard to at-home whitening, there are controversies because there are many products sold online that are not controlled by professionals. In this specific case, when we refer to at-home whitening, we mean when a professional dentist supervises the patient and preserves the patient's health. 

What Is the Process Like? 

Home teeth whitening in Houston consists of the placement of custom-made splints in the clinic where you place a little whitening gel on each tooth of the splint. After brushing the teeth properly, you should wear the splints with the whitening gel for the time previously indicated by the dentist. You can do it either during the day or at night, depending on your rhythm of life and the dentist's advice. 


  • It has a lower rate of post-treatment tooth sensitivity. 
  • No need to go to the clinic every time you want to perform the treatment. 
  • No cold light lamp is needed to activate the product. 

It’s worth mentioning that you need to visit the clinic beforehand to take the measurements of the splints and pick them up a few days later. In addition, unlike in-clinic, at-home whitening is a slightly longer process, which will last the days indicated by the specialist. 

Considerations About the Duration of Whitening: 

While this procedure is a great option to bring your smile back, in both cases, the duration of whitening depends mainly on your diet and habits. If the patient consumes foods such as tea, coffee, and red wine and is a smoker, the effects of whitening will be damaged more quickly. However, a person with a balanced diet, and who does not consume large amounts of these foods or smoke, will be able to see the results of their whitening for many years. 

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