The Advantages of Getting a Root Canal Treatment

The Advantages of Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Since root canals in Houston often conjure images of pain and discomfort, most people feel a sense of dread whenever they hear about them. The truth is that root canal therapy eliminates pain rather than causes it. Besides relieving pain, this treatment preserves your natural tooth and restores your smile.

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What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment?

It Saves the Natural Tooth

Dentists typically recommend root canal therapy when the dental pulp that houses the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue becomes infected or inflamed. In most cases, infection and inflammation stem from tooth decay, trauma, or a crack in the tooth.  

Since a root canal procedure removes the infected or damaged pulp, disinfects the inside of the tooth, and seals it with a filling or a crown, it saves the tooth’s remaining structure, restores its function, and protects it against further damage. 

It Relieves Pain

An infected tooth can cause severe pain and discomfort, interfering with daily activities, including eating and sleeping. Root canal therapy relieves pain by removing the infection that causes it and prevents it from returning. After getting a root canal treatment, you can resume your normal activities without dealing with pain and discomfort. 

It Prevents the Spread of Infection

Leaving an infected tooth untreated increases the risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream and spreading to other body areas. Since a root canal treatment removes the infected pulp causing the problem, it contains and prevents the infection from spreading. Besides enhancing oral health, this procedure boosts overall health and wellness. 

It Restores Dental Function

Patients with an infected tooth often experience pain when they chew or bite into food. If left untreated, impaired dental function can lead to dietary changes, such as avoiding harder or chewier foods that worsen the discomfort. Consequently, an infected tooth can significantly affect overall nutrition. 

The dentist installs a dental crown or a filling after cleaning and disinfecting the tooth during a root canal treatment. While a dental filling fills a hole or cavity in a tooth, a dental crown is a custom-made cap that covers the tooth’s visible portion above the gumline. Both restorative solutions help restore normal chewing and biting functions. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Although the initial cost of a root canal procedure may be higher than a filling, it’s less expensive than other procedures. Since it helps save an infected or damaged tooth, it eliminates the need for a tooth extraction or more expensive tooth replacement options, such as a bridge or dental implant.  

Unlike these dental treatments, root canal therapy doesn’t involve multiple appointments, procedures, and costs. Additionally, root canal treatments are more affordable for patients because many dental insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of the procedure.  

It Offers a Long-Lasting Solution

Although no dental procedure can guarantee permanent results, a root canal can provide many patients with a long-lasting solution. This treatment can last for many years or even a lifetime when properly performed.  

While it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance or replacement, you’ll want to maintain good oral hygiene habits and see the dentist regularly to ensure the treated tooth’s continued health and longevity.

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Experience the Benefits of Root Canals in Houston!

Are you experiencing tooth pain or other symptoms of an infection? Don’t wait until it’s too late! A root canal can save your tooth and restore your oral health.  

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