Three Ways to Deal With Tooth Decay

Three Ways to Deal With Tooth Decay

If you made a list of 20 people, statistically, 18 or 19 of them will develop tooth decay during their lives. It’s a dental problem that nearly everyone deals with at one time or another.

Knowing this, our team in Houston, TX, wants to protect your smile from the effects of cavities. Here are three things you can do to keep your smile looking its best.

1. Start With Preventive Care

If you can be that one person in 20 who never gets a cavity, that would be awesome. To do this, you need to have a good oral hygiene routine, which includes daily brushing and flossing and professional cleanings a few times each year.

2. Get Filled In

If you do notice the tell-tale dark spot indicating a cavity, do not wait to get it treated. Using our composite fillings, you can protect your tooth from further damage and your tooth can look as good as new.

3. Choose the Royal Treatment

Sometimes cavities can grow large, either because you delay treatment or they are in a place where they aren’t as obvious. Regardless, a filling may not be enough for a large cavity. In those situations, a dental crown can be a better option to restore your smile.

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